Thursday, January 03, 2008


Following on from The Bogus Effect here is another version of Any Card At Any Number. The dealer advert would run something like this:


A spectator thinks of a card. A second spectator thinks of a number. A deck of cards is placed on the table. The performer need not touch the deck from this point on. Only now is the thought of number revealed. The number is counted to and only then is the first spectator asked to disclose the name of his thought of card. You can guess what happens next….

No sleights. No switches. You do not need to touch the deck after the number is called or the card is named. The spectator does the dealing.

Only one deck used. No short cards. No specially printed cards. It will not be the same card or number every performance. Cards before and after the chosen card can be show to be different. Easy to reset. No stooges. Completely free!


The method while simple will take some time to explain. And that explanation is far too long to post here unfortunately. However, I'm now completing what I hope is the last draft of the manuscript describing the trick in some detail. If you would like a copy all you have to do is drop me an email and at the end of January I'll be sending out the pdf. See my Profile on this blog for the email address. And yes the manuscript really is completely free.

Finally a big thank you to those who took the trouble to make up The Bogus Effect and give it a try. I hope it worked out well for you.


The offer of the free pdf has been closed since January 08. A lot of people have suggested it should be marketed. A revised and expanded edition is being prepared and will be announced when ready on this blog.