Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Now that the pdf is blocking email boxes around the globe here is a little tweak to the Devil's Deck handling. You can use it for any deck of this type.

The problem is that you don't really want people to see the face card of the deck. While you can cover it during the handling, here is another solution.

On the face of the deck put an easy to recognise card such as the Ace of Spades. This should be a card that is not in your set up. Below that put a Joker. Now when you take the deck out of the box you can let everyone get a glimpse of that Ace of Spades on the face of the deck.

As you spread the cards for a selection you say, 'Think of one of these cards. But not a Joker. That will just confuse things.' After a card has been thought of you cut the deck several times as if to mix them up. The Ace and Joker are now in the middle of the deck.

Before you go any further you say, 'Let me just get rid of the Jokers.' Spread the cards towards you and cut the Ace to the face of the deck. Remove the Ace and Joker one at time, reversing their position so that the Joker is now on the face of the pair. Put these two cards away, making sure that the spectators get a glimpse of the Joker. That's it.

Some people might think you've actually removed the thought-of card at this point. But since you haven't perhaps it's good to let them think that way. It's food for thought. Also made me think of another Bogus Plot which would be easy to find different solutions for. When the thought-of card is counted down to a Joker is found in its position. The thought-of card turns up in the pocket where the Joker was supposed to be. A sort of Bogus Jordan's Leaper!