Monday, April 30, 2012

Essential Magic Conference

The third Essential Magic Conference will take place on the 27th, 28th and 29th of July. This is the world's only digital conference for magic and magicians. It's organised by Luis de Matos, Marco Tempest and myself.

What does that mean? Well, 33 of the world's top magicians will be presenting lectures, presentations and performances from Studio 33 in Portugal. These are broadcast worldwide via the Internet and viewable on your computer, laptop, iPad or even iPhone. That's 3 days of magic.

If you are watching via your computer you can also interact with the Speakers and other members via our chat facility. Watch, comment and discuss. Ask anyone who has ever attended. It's great fun and offers opportunities that you won't even get at a real live be-there convention.

The broadcasts are archived online where you can view them on demand for a year. Before that year is up you will receive a DVD box set of all the conference content. That way it is yours forever. In fact the DVD box set sells for $150, that's more than the price of registration for the conference which, I think, a bargain at $99.

Between now and the conference dates free weekend screenings will show excerpts from past conferences. You can register or sign up for the free screenings at the Essential Magic Conference website.

That's the end of the plug. Thank you for reading!